Data shows that Swindon has one of the highest rates of divorce out of towns and cities in the UK for 2023.

Research carried out by Divorce-Online has found that Swindon ranks number 9 on the list of the areas with the highest rates of divorces per marriage.

Out of all of the areas in the top 10, Swindon has the highest total of divorce applications with 440.

22 of the 440 applications were made online and the rate of divorce in Swindon is 1 in 414 marriages.

This compares to the number one spot which was taken by Alfreton with a rate of one in 40 divorces.

Mark Keenan, a representative of the company, explained why there seems to have been an increase in divorce in the UK, he said: “Traditionally, addictions to substances like drugs and alcohol, as well as behaviours like gambling and excessive social media use, have been identified as catalysts for the dissolution of relationships.

“However, the advent of the digital age has ushered in a new wave of addictive behaviours, such as excessive gaming, online shopping, virtual reality engagements, and an overreliance on digital devices, each presenting its own unique challenges to maintaining healthy relationships.”