A resident has been left frustrated after post deliveries to his Wiltshire house became infrequent and unreliable.

Jonathan Powell relies on timely post deliveries and collections in order to work as a journalist.

“Last two weeks we had one delivery per week and when we did finally get the post there were around 25 different letters in one go,” he said of the issues.

The reasoning given for the delays only acted to anger Jonathan further after being informed by his local postal workers.

Swindon Advertiser: Jonathan is frustrated with the service.Jonathan is frustrated with the service. (Image: Dave Cox)

“The postman told me that they have been they need to prioritise packages but I think that is absolute nonsense.

“The post office is not meeting their targets nationally and it shows as other villages are in the same mess.

“They’re not fit for purpose as we are all paying top dollar for first and second class and it is just not working.”

Swindon Advertiser: The post was delivered only once per week for a fortnight.The post was delivered only once per week for a fortnight. (Image: Dave Cox)

Despite his annoyance, the Berwick Bassett resident acknowledged that it was not the fault of the staff but rather those higher up in the chain.

“All of the post people are very lovely people but they’re very short-staffed in Wootton Bassett and they have been given longer rounds,” said Jonathan.

“They work hard and they work tough hours and it’s not their fault.

“People come and collect the post from here but they just don’t deliver it as often and that is really frustrating.

“I rely on the post for my business as bills go out and come in and as a journalist, it is very important to have post delivered the way it is supposed to be.”

Swindon Advertiser: Jonathan believes that the scenario will not change anytime soon.Jonathan believes that the scenario will not change anytime soon. (Image: Dave Cox)

Royal Mail was recently fined £5.6 million by regulator Ofcom for a “significant” failure to meet its postal delivery targets in the past financial year.

Jonathan believes that these widespread issues will not be fixed nationally or locally in the near future.

“This is the worst the post has ever been in over 40 years here and if I was in charge of them, I’d stick a rocket up their backsides,” he said.

“Somebody at Wootton Bassett needs to change as it has gotten worse and worse this year but particularly in the last six or seven weeks.

“I don’t have any great confidence in things improving despite me and others making a fuss.”

A spokesperson for Royal Mail said: "There have been recent delays due to staff shortages, however the service has improved to a point where mail is being delivered every other day, where a home has mail to be delivered – it’s important to note this is not the case for every residence, not every home has mail to be delivered daily.

"I can confirm that there have not been any homes that have been experiencing delays of 'weeks at a time'."