The future Oasis will not have a wave machine or water cannon but could have a bowling alley and other new features, SevenCapital has confirmed. 

On Wednesday night, a Swindon Borough Council cabinet meeting greenlit a deal between the local authority and the building developers who own the lease for the Oasis Leisure Centre site to progress with its refurbishment, although it must still pass a scrutiny committee. 

As part of the deal SevenCapital will not be able to build any houses until the Oasis has been refurbished at no cost to the council and is back up and running with an operator. Once this has happened the council will sell the land to the firm for £6 million. 

The plans for a new Oasis have not been made public yet, but during a meeting with the Save Oasis Swindon campaign group on Thursday, SevenCapital's managing director Damien Siviter shared some unknown details. 

While news of a potential bowling alley and increased accessibility will be welcome news to many, Mr Siviter's revelation that as well as the sports hall and music venue, the wave machine and water cannons would not be returning to the site is likely to be disappointing news. 

“It is defunct and the operational cost of it makes it not viable”, he said.

Mr Siviter said “With the wave machine comes huge operational cost because you have more lifeguards, energy costs, general running costs.

"Like all things, there is a balance and we have really pushed the possibilities here with the dome and facility offering. It will be truly fabulous and basically brand-new standard.

In response, Save Oasis Swindon said that people would be 'disappointed' with this news, as the waves were a big feature of the attraction. 

They asked: “Is there any way it could return but just operate once an hour instead of every fifteen minutes, to save on cost? That could be an option?.”

Mr Siviter replied, saying: “Unfortunately there won’t be a wave machine. No operator will take it which means no Oasis if it’s there. There just isn’t an option for the Wave Machine I’m afraid.”

“We are adding lots of other things though like ten-pin bowling, etc to make it a much more attractive and family-orientated destination that will be well used over many years. We have worked really hard to get it to this point."

He added: “We are really at last chance saloon to get this reopened. We’ve thrown everything at it to get here.”

SevenCapital has been approached for comment