The Cotswolds has been named one of the best areas in the UK for a Christmas getaway.

It tops a list of area perfect for a winter trip as compiled by Logs Direct

The list has been compiled using aspects such as the average cost of accommodation for all sizes of Airbnbs, as well as the popularity of the area on social media. In particular, hashtag popularity has been monitored to indicate which areas belong on the list.

Some of the other areas that appear on the list include St. Ives in Cornwall, Stratford-upon-Avon and Whitby in Yorkshire.

According to Logs Direct, the Cotswolds is miles above the competition when focused on its social media popularity and standing.

The hashtag #cotswoldchristmas has collected hundreds of videos on TikTok with some of them boasting more than 200,000 views. The area has similar success on Instagram with the same hashtag boasting over 4,000 posts which show off the beauty of the area at Christmas.

The price of places to stay was also taken into consideration.

The list detailed the average price of staying in the Cotswolds, with the average price for four adults coming to around £616, and the cost for two adults coming to around £359.