A Swindon born man is bringing opera to Swindon and hopes to make it a “centre for opera and excellence in theatre”.

David Phillips, 34, is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Swindon Opera Collective and believes that there is a variety of talent that needs to be explored more.

Through conversations that he had with other performers he decided to start the collective.

The collective is performing La Boheme on Sunday, December 10 at St Mark’s Church. They then hope to tour the production in 2024 across the country.Swindon Advertiser:

David is performing in the show and said: “Swindon has always had this thriving arts and music scene that for some reason doesn’t always get to be in the limelight or given the respect that it should.

“I am excited, I am very excited, I hope that it is well attended and well received and it gets a lot of interest because opera isn’t just about the acting or the singing, it is about the whole performance.”

David has made it clear that this is only the start and he hopes that this performance is able to build excitement around Opera in Swindon and plans on putting on many more shows in the future.