A Swindon mum has called for change after her son was hit by a car on his way to school.

Sharon Northcott's 10-year-old son Tristan was grazed by a car while using the pelican crossing next to Farmfoods in Cheney Manor on November 13.

She is now concerned for the safety of her son and other children on their way to school and has called for change to the road layout.

Sharon, along with other parents, has labelled the crossing as dangerous due to how close the roundabout and the crossing are. She says drivers come off the roundabout at speed and often do not stop in time.

The roundabout is right next to Rodbourne Cheney Primary School, the school that Tristan attends.

The 44-year-old said: “The pelican should not be that close to a roundabout but also as a driver, particularly at school drop off time, at speed.

“It is a horrible roundabout.

“Drivers need to be more careful particularly around a school like that.”

Tristan was not injured and the woman driving the vehicle got out after the incident and asked if he was okay.

This is not the first time this has happened as Sharon was previously nearly hit by a car years ago.

Sharon wants the 20mph zone next to the school to be extended, or for the pelican crossing to be moved further away from the roundabout to prevent incidents such as the one that happened to Tristan from happening.

She said: “I think that particular one does need to change… it needs to be brought down the road or made a 20 mile an hour zone, something needs to change”.

A spokesperson for Swindon Borough Council said: “We take all concerns about road safety extremely seriously and monitor all the collision data we receive from the Police to review locations if problems have been identified.

“The data we have for the last five years at this location shows there was just one slight collision at this crossing involving a child cyclist. However, we only receive information where there is an injury involving medical treatment and we don’t receive reports of near misses or close calls.

“This junction is in a busy, built-up area and speeds are generally low because you have a mini roundabout in close proximity to two pedestrian crossings so traffic is constantly stopped or slowed down. There is also a bus stop which naturally slows down traffic in this area.

“The crossing has been in this location for many years and the distance from the junction is in line with national design guidelines. It is also very similar to various other locations in Swindon.

“If the crossing was moved further up the road it would be taken away from the route most pedestrians would like to cross and people would be tempted to avoid the detour and just take their chance crossing the road to get to the nearby shops or primary school, which is far more dangerous.

“The large trees in the verge and entrance to the supermarket would limit the options of moving the crossing southwards. If in doubt, we would advise pedestrians to wait until the traffic has stopped before starting to cross and make eye contact with the driver.”