CCTV footage shows the movements of two teenagers found guilty of killing Owen Dunn on the day he was stabbed to death.

Tyler Hunt, 18, and a 15-year-old boy who cannot be identified for legal reasons, faced trial by jury at Bristol Crown Court which lasted for just over two weeks.

They were found guilty of murder after a jury reached a unanimous decision on November 30.

Part of the evidence involved various clips from security cameras positioned around North Swindon on December 4, 2022.

In one clip, the two defendants - who are both wearing black clothing, riding bicycles, and covering their faces with balaclavas - travel through Brook Park in Redhouse at 1.09pm.

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At 1.14pm, another camera shows the younger of the pair pause in a residential street to make a brief phone call while Tyler looks on,

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The pair are then seen cycling back through Brook Park at 1.17pm. They encounter Owen, 18, in a different play park, near Mazurek Way, within the next hour.

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The last clip of CCTV shows them riding near back gardens at 2.46pm, after Owen had been pronounced dead.

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Hunt claimed he and his friend were looking for people to sell cannabis to on that day and hit Owen in self-defence, while the prosecution argued that the teenagers were deliberately searching for Owen with violent intentions.

The pair have been remanded in custody to await sentencing.