THE FAMILY of a man left with multiple facial fractures in an alleged baseball bat attack is offering a cash reward for answers. 

On November 17, a man in his 20s, who did not want to be named, was walking home from the Spotted Cow on Marlborough Road when he, and a friend, were attacked.

He was left with multiple fractures to his face after being hit with what was believed to be a baseball bat and is due to visit Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital, after doctors determined he needs to undergo surgery to fit a metal plate to his face.

His father Clive and sister Hannah are now calling for anyone who may be able to help catch the people responsible to come forward, and they are offering a cash reward of £500 for any information that leads to an arrest. 

Hannah said: "My brother and his friend were attacked between 9-10pm in Liden, the incident happened somewhere near Austen Crescent and Eastmere. The Police were called at 9.55pm.

"There have been other reports from passers-by and neighbours in the area. If anyone knows or hears anything please let us and the police know ASAP!

"We still need to find the person or people who did this. My brother has multiple fractures to his face, from either a few blows from a pole/baseball bat, and maybe they even used something sharp."

Hannah added: "All of his family are worried and anxious to find answers as to why this happened and who did it. It could happen to anyone else if they are not caught and the next person might not be so lucky."

Clive said: "My son doesn't cause trouble or go looking for trouble. He's just a nice kid who just goes to work and comes home.

"He didn't deserve what happened to him and it broke my heart to see him like it."

He added: "He's one of the nicest kids you'll ever meet I am not just saying that because he's my son."

The man was carrying a bag at the time of the attack, but his family have been unable to locate it and it is currently missing. 

Hannah added: "My brother wasn't alone, he was with his friend who also got beaten."

"We now have a bit more information but we still don't know who did this to them. Any information please let us and/or the police know!"

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: “Our investigation is still in its early stages.

“Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact us on 101 quoting reference 54230122132.”