A PETITION to save a Boots pharmacy in Swindon is coming to an end. 

This means that if any members of the public want to share their objections to the firm's plans to close their Boots Chemist store in Old Town, they are running out of time. 

The petition was started by South Swindon MP hopeful, Heidi Alexander, who wrote to Sebastian James the managing director of Boots, to express her concerns over the planned closure. 

She said: "Boots Pharmacy in Old Town is well used by residents and many rely on it to get their regular medicines and prescriptions.

"This is particularly true of older people and their families. With the recent closure of Rowlands Pharmacy in the Old Town Co-op Store, this is the only remaining pharmacy in the heart of Old Town.

"Boots Pharmacy in Old Town is located on Wood Street and is convenient for many local people, being easily accessible to those walking, using the bus or driving.

"Boots have announced plans to close several stores across the UK so let's send a message that we don’t think the Swindon Old Town store should be one of those!"

Ms Alexander's petition is ending at 5pm November 28 and can be found here - https://www.heidialexander.org.uk/bootsclosures?fbclid=IwAR3TEyrnPG-TPcXZwtyA9Qb-puHI6qCdguUVI2_DFI-jRl0L_yf7Rd5GKVs.

Current South Swindon MP, Sir Robert Buckland has also objected, he said: "I have requested an urgent phone call with Boots CEO Sebastian James. I have also contacted NHS England, as well as NHS South, Central and West, to raise urgent concerns on behalf of all of the residents who use Boots in Old Town, as well as the staff who work there."

In addition, a separate petition to save the store was set up by resident Luke Campbell, which can be found here - https://www.change.org/p/reverse-boots-decision-to-close-old-town-swindon-pharmacy

Mr Campbell said: "As a resident of Old Town Swindon, I have seen firsthand how many people rely on the local Boots pharmacy.

"It is not just a business; it's an essential part of our community. The pharmacy's central location makes it accessible to all, especially those who may struggle with mobility or lack transportation options.

"This particular Boots branch is the only pharmacy in Old Town, meaning its closure would leave our community without immediate access to vital pharmaceutical services."

The Adver understands that the decision was made by the company's head office because the two-floor Brunel Plaza Boots has been deemed suitable for Old Town residents to use instead, and it will be closing its doors on February 9, 2024.