Wiltshire’s empty military accommodation will house Afghan refugees who helped British forces.

Around 41 families will settle into military homes across Wiltshire for three years, whilst others will stay for a few weeks.

The leader of Wiltshire Council, Richard Clewer, told the BBC he was “delighted” by the plans and that the council had been “pushing” for the empty houses to be used.

He said: "I think there's been a willingness from government to say we need to sort this out.

“There's no point in having backlogs of Afghans in hotels, or stuck waiting to get to the UK when we've accepted we have a responsibility.”

Councillor Richard Clewer has been suggesting that Wiltshire host the refugees in vacant military accommodation since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in 2021.

At the time, he said the council was doing everything it could to find accommodation for refugees who “put their lives at risk” to help British troops stationed in Afghanistan.

The UK government promised sanctuary to such refugees following the withdrawal of Western forces after 20 years of military presence.

Those who helped the UK during that time, such as translators or teachers, have since become targets for retaliation.