Seven people were arrested and four cars were seized in just two days as police in Swindon utilised a new bike.

After receiving the specialist bike to use on patrol on Tuesday and Thursday last week, officers were able to capture several wanted suspects and vehicles.

The bike paid dividends as officers were able to arrest one person for possession of class A drugs while four riders were arrested as they were wanted on a warrant.

One high-priority suspect who was wanted for numerous offences was also arrested as they were on a pedal cycle on a footpath and were pursued by the new bike.

Swindon Advertiser: The new bike helped arrest several suspects.The new bike helped arrest several suspects. (Image: Wiltshire Police)

Four illegal electric bikes were stopped and seized while five e-scooters were also halted with warning notices issued.

Another e-scooter was seized after the rider was given a warning on Tuesday but decided to ignore it on Thursday and four cars were seized for having no insurance.

One person was arrested for drug driving while another was stopped and arrested for five offences.

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: “From our own experiences of intense frustration and from listening to you, the public, we know that illegal e-bikes have long presented an issue in Swindon.

“It has always been difficult for us to tackle this crime and form of anti-social behaviour as our normal electric bicycles just can't keep up and with the best will in the world, neither can officers in a footchase.

“However, some clever negotiation by our Roads Policing Unit saw the below bike made available for their use and on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

“In conjunction with our Neighbourhood Policing Teams and Drone Unit, they carried out a Swindon-wide operation targeting the use of illegal e-bikes and e-scooters.”