Swindon schools reported a record number of suspensions in the autumn term last year, new figures show.

Department for Education data shows that there were 1,099 suspensions of students at Swindon schools during the 2022/23 autumn term.

This was up from 804 across the same period the year before, making it the highest number of any term since comparable figures began at the start of the 2016/17 academic year.

In the 87 schools in Swindon, the most suspensions, 995, were given at secondary schools while there were 93 at primary schools and 11 suspensions at special schools.

In England, the overall suspension rate was 2.96, meaning there were 296 suspensions per 10,000 students but this was slightly higher for Swindon schools where the rate was three.

In the town, 18 pupils had to look for a new school after being expelled.

A Swindon Borough Council spokesperson said: “The most common reason for suspension in Swindon is due to persistent disruptive behaviour, which is in line with what other schools are seeing nationally.

“The number of days lost through suspension continues to be a focus for Swindon schools and the Council.

“We are working together to redesign systems that focus on children receiving support earlier, which we know from national evidence, can reduce suspensions.”