Plans for a school to be built as part of Swindon’s New Eastern Villages expansion to the east will return to the borough council’s planning committee next week.

The architects for the Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust, which will run the primary school to be built in the centre of the Redlands village to be called All Saints C of E Primary, have brought back its proposal.

And the only major change is in the arrangements of the car park after councillors told the developers to rethink it.

Councillors on the committee were initially worried that the original proposal saw a car park with just one entrance and exit and felt that would lead to conflicts and congestion at the access point, particularly at the start and end of the school day.

They also didn’t like the fact there was no footpath to the school for children who had just been dropped off in the car park to use- saying it was unsafe for them to be mixing with the cars.

Now the same space has been reconfigured – the parking spaces furthest from the access will be for staff who will be parking there all day.

A two-lane, one-way system has been designed for the rest of the space, meaning visitors and parents dropping children will drive to the furthest point from the access, then loop around the parking spaces, before exiting.

A footpath and zebra crossings have also been designed in, running along the centre of the space.

There is a loss of seven spaces, but the planning officer’s report to the committee, which again recommends approval says: “This to be acceptable on the grounds that the amended and improved layout will allow the available spaces to be more easily accessed, increasing the effective turnover of the car park.”

There had been some criticism of the main school buildings by the councillors, with Councillor Jane Milner-Barry saying she thought the building boring and not a place children would be excited to attend.

The academies trust says the building, which will feature a large stained-glass window at the entrance and is laid out in a cross-shape is deliberately designed to echo a rural church.

The school is designed to accommodate about 420 pupils in two forms per year for seven years.

The meeting begins at 6pm on Tuesday, December 12 at the council chamber in Euclid Street