Multiple charitable clubs have begun their Christmas fundraising tour with Santa this week visiting streets up and down Wiltshire, but weather warnings were not part of the plan.

Heavy rain on Monday, December 4, meant that a flood warning was put in place for parts of the county which left Santa in a sticky situation.

By Tuesday morning, four flood warnings were in place for Swindon and 21 in place for Wiltshire as a whole.

This had a devastating effect on rotary and lion's clubs going door to door across the county.

“Santa is very, very sorry but due to the weather, the ‘elf and safety team have had to cancel tonight’s visit,” said a spokesperson for Royal Wootton Bassett Rotary Club.

The cancellation meant that many children in Royal Wootton Bassett missed out on their chance to wave as the man himself drove past their windows on his sleigh.

Roads affected included Clarendon Drive, Washbourne Road, Parsons Way, Goughs Way, Noredown Way, Rowan Drive, Hazel End, Sherfields, Vowley View and Branscombe Drive.

Ongoing road works on Kingsley Avenue meant that the club also had to cancel their December 5 tour.

Royal Wootton Bassett Rotary Club say they are now back in action and in high spirits for day three as they continue to tour the town alongside Santa.

But with another yellow weather warning issued for parts of Wiltshire on December 7, and a “band of heavy rain” set to move across the county, it's looking to be a wet and windy start to the month.