For a county with as many pubs as Wiltshire, few are as unique as Pewsham’s main watering hole.

The Pewsham, on London Road just outside Chippenham, has had a long history with several name changes.

Changing to its current name in 2020 following a major refurbishment inside, the pub has been given a new lease of life.

Swindon Advertiser: The Pewsham dates back to the 1700s albeit under a different name.The Pewsham dates back to the 1700s albeit under a different name. (Image: The Pewsham)

Landlord Chris Warburton and partner Harriet Ivens have helped transform the pub since they moved in during that year.

“In the 1700s it was a coaching house and it was previously called The Swan but in 1965 the landlady killed the landlord and it changed to The Lysley Arms until 2020,” he said.

“We changed the name because the pub had gone downhill so we wanted a fresh start and the refurb made sure it was nothing like the Lysley which had become dated and ugly.”

Swindon Advertiser: The Pewsham has several ales on offer.The Pewsham has several ales on offer. (Image: The Pewsham)

Reactions have been mixed but locals have grown to love the pub’s new owners and inside décor following the takeover.

“Most people understand when they hear the story but some people who had sentimental connections were more opposed and that’s understandable,” said Chris.

“In essence what they were saying is that it was great when they were young but they failed to recognise how it had worsened.

“Hospitality is a challenge anyway but when you also throw in Covid it gets even tougher but we have been good now for quite some time and have settled down.”

Swindon Advertiser: Harriet and Chris outside The Pewsham.Harriet and Chris outside The Pewsham. (Image: The Pewsham)

The 41-year-old even installed a boat outside as part of the extensive renovations which attracts a lot of questions.

“I lived on a boat in the past and the ocean is close to my heart so we transformed an actual boat into a children’s play area,” said Chris.

“We did this last year when it was on a local farmer’s land who didn’t want it anymore so we gave it a new lick of paint and spruced it up.

“The families come and remark about the boat which is great because everyone seems to love it.”

Swindon Advertiser: The boat outside of The Pewsham.The boat outside of The Pewsham. (Image: The Pewsham)

The pub has a wide selection of food and drinks on offer which aim to suit all customers.

“St Austell’s beer is served along with some local ciders and a mixture of lagers that you would find in any other pub,” said Chris.

“We have Timothy Taylor ales as well as Doom Bar and Tribute Pale Ale.

“We have a split menu with traditional pub food but also restaurant foods with it being listed as uptown and downtown.”