A Swindon man was arrested after running away from police officers and hiding in a bush during the early hours.

The incident happened at 4am on Thursday morning as a man bolted away from patrolling officers on Wootton Bassett Road.

Already on the lookout for vehicle break-ins, the police were alert enough to chase down the man and find him hiding in a bush.

The suspect was arrested a few minutes later, with a spokesperson saying he was arrested on suspicion of an outstanding robbery, going equipped for theft, three further theft offences as well as a fail to appear warrant.

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: “At 4am in the morning, a lot of people are wisely asleep although others are working the night shift or making their way to start their day.

“Therefore seeing someone about at 0400 is not entirely unusual but when an individual walking along Wootton Bassett Road this morning at that time bolted as soon as he saw officers, it does raise suspicions.

“Unfortunately for him, it was two officers who were focusing patrol due to a spate of vehicle interferences and who also like to run in their spare time.

“As this person discovered, he was quickly outmatched and hiding behind a bush was not going to help him on this occasion.”