The owners of a Swindon kebab shop that was rated zero for food hygiene are delighted after it was given a dramatic remark.

Shaw Kebab House at the Shaw Village Centre on Ramleaze Drive had been handed the bottom score following an inspection on Monday, July 10.

Swindon Borough Council’s Environmental Health team found that major improvement was necessary regarding the hygienic handling of food.

Those in charge blamed that poor score on a language barrier with the suggestion being that those working in the shop could not speak or understand English well.

Swindon Advertiser: The food on offer at Shaw Kebab House.The food on offer at Shaw Kebab House. (Image: Newsquest)

Several months on and the eatery was inspected again with the business now scoring four out of five after the latest visit on Tuesday, November 21.

“We feel happy and delighted because we are better now,” said Hazel, the shop owner’s daughter.

“We realised that we can be perfect for the customers so we welcome them to come back now that it has been improved.

“I will always answer any questions in the shop if people want to come in and ask them."

Swindon Advertiser: Adver reporter Zac Lewis tried out Shaw Kebab House in October.Adver reporter Zac Lewis tried out Shaw Kebab House in October. (Image: Newsquest)

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The 18-year-old works in the shop and has personally improved her and her dad Irfan’s English skills to better their rating.

“The first time they came, we did not expect them but after that, they came every week to give us information on how to improve,” said Hazel.

“They told us to apply again after we had made the changes they asked for because they thought we had improved.

“I can’t say it wasn’t fair but it did feel unlucky with the circumstances because I did not know English very well 10 months ago.

“I am less shy now and understand English better now so it is different because my dad and I got online language lessons.”

Swindon Advertiser: Shaw Kebab House can be found at the Shaw Village Centre on Ramleaze Drive.Shaw Kebab House can be found at the Shaw Village Centre on Ramleaze Drive. (Image: Dave Cox)

This latest report rated the kebab shop’s facilities, hygienic handling of food and management of food safety to be “good”.

The family took over the business in January 2023 and Hazel has been enjoying her time so far interacting with the Shaw locals.

“I am enjoying working in the shop and I get to talk with people and improve my English at the same time,” she said.

“It’s really fun and these customers are so kind and give advice to me as they are just trying to help me so I appreciate it.

“When someone gets zero they cannot get straight to five apparently so that is why we got four so hopefully we will get a five next time.”