Swindon-based building society Nationwide has angered some of its workers after it said employees were expected in the office at least twice a week.

Nationwide employs around 13,000 staff across the country and 6,500 solely at its Pipers Way headquarters in the town.

It had pioneered a report named 'The Future of Work in 2021' which saw many workers state their wish to work from home, and then-CEO Joe Garner said: "We are putting our employees in control of where they work from."

But from the new year, staff must come into the office on two days every week, or 40 per cent of the time for part-time workers, the building society has now announced.

The move has sparked anger from some workers.

Swindon Advertiser: Nationwide's branch in Regent Street Swindon.Nationwide's branch in Regent Street Swindon. (Image: Dave Cox)

The move will likely cause issues for staff who have either moved away from their office - including Swindon's Pipers Way - and will struggle to commute, or those who have childcare arrangements which suit working at home.

Some anonymous workers opened up about their fears of returning to the office in a recent interview with the BBC.

One staff member said: “People who are angry are very, very angry."

“People sold cars, moved house, made big plans based on home-working,” added another.

A third worker said: "What happened to the trust? This just seems like a dictat.”

Swindon Advertiser: Nationwide's headquarters are in Swindon.Nationwide's headquarters are in Swindon. (Image: Dave Cox)

Nationwide maintains that it is still committed to hybrid working as a form of flexibility and has consulted and worked with employees to evolve the hybrid position.

For more than a year the company’s guidance has been for colleagues to work a minimum of one or two days per week from their offices per week, depending on their role.

It is understood the new change has been agreed upon with Nationwide’s union and moves the minimum requirement to two days for everyone with some limited exceptions.

Exceptions will be agreed with colleagues and they will have nearly four months to transition to the new arrangements, the building society said.

A Nationwide spokesperson said: “Hybrid working is an important part of Nationwide’s flexible arrangements.

“Colleagues are already expected to work in an office for at least one or two days per week, depending on their role. This change simply moves the minimum to two days for everyone.”