Poundland on The Parade has opened its doors for the first time since the former Wilko site closed in September.

The grand opening marks Swindon’s second Poundland store and is one of 10 new Poundland shops opening nationwide today.

Many of these are in former Wilko stores, with hundreds of former Wilko staff joining the team.

According to new staff at Poundland on The Parade, the store has all of the usual discounts you can expect at Poundland as well as the latest Pepco clothing range including increased baby and kidswear.

As the staff welcomed their first customers, it was clear that excitement was in the air among some shoppers.

Swindon Advertiser: Poundland at The Parade has opened in Swindon.“I love going to Poundland, so I think it’s great and I wanted to come have a look,” said Malinda Johnson.

“I just hope that more things stay at £1 as in the other pound shops, lots of things are now more than a pound and that’s why I don’t go much more.

"The second prices start increasing again, I’m gone."

Swindon Advertiser: Shelves are stocked full at Swindon's new Poundland.Shelves are stocked full at Swindon's new Poundland. (Image: Dave Cox)

Swindon Advertiser: The new store has been given a makeover.The new store has been given a makeover. (Image: Dave Cox)

Many customers marvelled at how different the former Wilko now looks inside since its recent makeover.

But speaking with locals, it is clear that not everyone in Swindon is happy about the new addition to the town centre.

“If I wanted to go to a pound shop then I would go to Greenbridge where I don’t have to pay for parking,” said Daniel Worboys.

“Parking charges are so ridiculous in the town centre that I’d rather just shop online or elsewhere.”

"There are far too many pound shops in town, and the town has absolutely nothing to offer these days."

Tanya Legg, a former Wilko employee, added:

I’m so glad the unit isn't being left empty but does Swindon town centre really need another Poundland?

"I would have loved to have seen a supermarket go in here as that's what we need."

The addition of the Swindon Wilko now brings the total number of former Wilko stores that will reopen as branches of Poundland to 63. 

Bosses at Poundland said they will continue to prioritise former Wilko colleagues for roles in their stores and encourage them to follow the company's post on LinkedIn.

“The monumental effort from our teams continues to amaze me, and it supports jobs and high streets right across Britain,” said Austin Cooke, managing director of Poundland.

“We’ve opened 87 stores in 70 days that we'll have opened successfully, and no one should underestimate the effort and energy that our teams have put into delivering that achievement - I certainly don’t.

"It’s phenomenal."