2024 is set to be a busy year for Swindon's MPs - and will almost certainly see them launch their re-election campaign.

Even if Prime Minister Rishi Sunak waits to call the election on the last possible date – which is January 29, 2025 – it inevitably would mean that campaigning, even unofficially, would have started weeks and months before.

Both Swindon’s Conservative MPs will be defending their seats for the fourth time since they were both elected for the first time in 2010.

But, when asked what their priorities are for the next twelve months, both focused on issues around the town.

North Swindon’s Justin Tomlinson said: “I want to help provide the best possible future for the next generation. Both promoting the £21m Institute of Technology and working with our fantastic teachers and staff to continue to increase the number of good and outstanding schools.

“Working with local GPs, I want to see more available appointments and the construction of the new £26m A&E at the Great Western Hospital – the largest ever investment in our hospital.

"I will work with employers to continue to secure new investment in our town to build on the 12,000 new jobs created since 2010, especially at the former Honda site.

“Finally, I urge the Labour council to sign off workable plans to bring back the Oasis and ensure its long-term future. The council also need to hold firm on completing the Abbey Stadium works.

“As a fellow local resident, having represented our community for 24 years, I will continue to champion our local community, businesses, sports groups, and charities.”

His South Swindon counterpart, Sir Robert Buckland, said: “My work to level up our town will continue, following the £200 million Conservative government investment I lobbied hard to secure. I will continue to work to create jobs and grow our local economy further.

“I will continue to push hard for further investment in our local NHS, following the record £26 million Conservative government investment I helped to secure for Great Western Hospital.

“I will continue to stand up for Swindon’s schools and ensure that we continue to receive extra investment. So far, five local schools have received government money to improve their buildings and two new schools are due to open in Swindon, thanks to government funding.

“We have a new restaurant and changing facilities at Lydiard, as well as a new play park at Coate, and in 2024, regeneration work will continue in the Railway Village, thanks to £4 million of Conservative government investment.

“Following improvements to junctions 15 and 16 of the M4, and ongoing work on the renovation of Fleming Way, 2024 will also see my campaign for lower rail fares for Swindon continue.”

The two MPs' main opponents will be the Labour candidates Heidi Alexander in South Swindon, and Will Stone in North Swindon.

The Reform Party has chosen Benjamin Dade for South Swindon and Yvette Maxwell Darkes in North Swindon.

The Liberal Democrats and Green Party, assuming they will contest the seats, have yet to select candidates.