There is something about panto that makes it like nothing else you will ever witness on a stage but by no means is it easy to achieve. The Wyvern did this and more in its production of Snow White.

The show managed to be incredibly polished while not taking itself too seriously.

I haven’t been to the panto for over a decade but don't worry, I was strongly reminded of who the target audience was as I was surrounded by flashing swords, love hearts and an obscene amount of sweets.

Despite being a 21-year-old that spends most his spare time at rock concerts, I was blown away and was arguably laughing the loudest out of any audience member in the entire building.

Kids sat in front of me would turn around to see who it was that was bellowing a cackle as the Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK Star Divina De Campo, who played Queen Morgiana, made euphemism after euphemism.

The humour absolutely hit the spot. Using simple techniques of panto and physical comedy to make the kids laugh and like I said, some more mature humour to keep the adults entertained.

What my mum, who is a teaching assistant and went separately to myself and my dad, pointed out that was so special about this year's performance was how well the actors broke the fourth wall.

From the get go the audience was a part of the show as Queen Morgiana mocked and teased the audience and prepared everyone for a night of back and fourth.

Something that took me by surprise, which may simply be because I am not a regular panto attendee, was when a member of the front row was picked on, similar to that of a comedy show.

One poor man was picked on and was chosen on multiple occasions to be involved in the antics of the two-drag queens as well as other members of the performance.

Doing this early on really helped break the fourth wall and immerse everybody into the experience. The actual performance of the cast was impressive with secondary members being incredibly impressive dancers and singers.

As I left the Wyvern and was contemplating what it is that I would write for this review, I thought of parts of it that I wasn’t so impressed by but reminded myself of the context of this type of performance and how much I enjoyed myself.

There were elements that I thought could have been improved such as the way in which the seven dwarves was done. This was seven performers wearing a puppet like costume. I found them slightly creepy and felt like at times they stunted some of the physical humour that had been done so well by the rest of the cast.

I also thought the sound mixing at times left them to drown out the sound track which I must say was spectacular and used a modern selection of upbeat songs to get the audience going.

The ending was also quite rushed (SPOILER ALERT) as the evil Queen Morgiana, played by Divina De Campo suddenly changed her mind and allowed Snow White and the prince to live happily ever after. There was no build or hint of her changing and it was kind of done to quickly tie everything together.

Despite pointing out these three issues they were very minor criticisms of the show particularly when taking into consideration that the panto is trying to entertain, and it did that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Overall, I was so impressed at how much it made me laugh and how unbelievably fun the entire experience was.