Nothing beats a home-cooked Christmas dinner. The warmth of the company, the flavour of the home-cooked food - it sums up the festivities of the season perfectly.

So I was initially intrigued to see Harvester come out top on a poll of Adver readers' favourite place for a Christmas dinner. I was hoping for a cosy independent pub, assuming this would be the place to get the closest iteration of the traditional Christmas meal.

Nevertheless, I headed up to Harvester's North Swindon restaurant to see what all the fuss was about, and all too ready to get into the Christmas spirit.

And, readers, let me tell you, you were right, and the dessert may be the greatest food item to ever be created.

My dad and I were greeted by Josh, who was spectacular throughout our meal.

We were faced with the choice of either three courses, or two. And, being Christmas, I couldn't turn down the three-course meal.

I chose the chicken goujons for my starter, the turkey Christmas dinner for the main and the salted caramel profiterole sundae for dessert.Swindon Advertiser:

To myself and my dad’s surprise, we were handed a salad bowl to help ourselves to the iconic salad bar.

We were reserved in how much salad we indulged in as we were aware of the meal we were about to tackle, however the bread rolls were obtained alongside a concerning amount of butter in preparation for the gravy. They did not make it past the starters.

We then sat back down and were very quickly served our starters. The chicken goujons were served with a fantastic BBQ sauce. The goujons were very tender and I was impressed with the size of the goujons as well as the fact that there were five of them.

My dad was impressed with the prawn cocktail which he ordered. Josh then quickly cleared our plates as we waited for our mains which came within five minutes. The plate was not full, however this is understandable when you take into consideration the fact that the Christmas menu comes with a starter or dessert.Swindon Advertiser:

The turkey was so tender and juicy, the veg was very well cooked, the Yorkshire pudding was huge and the gravy was delicious. There was only one pig in blanket, however the food was very well cooked and the roast potatoes were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. A spectacular meal that was well presented.

As we finished our main we prepared ourselves for the star of the show, the cream of the crop, the real deal…. The salted caramel profiterole sundae. It sounded fantastic and oh my, it most definitely was.

There were three large profiteroles and the glass goblet that the masterpiece arrived in was as big as my head. The salted caramel ice cream was creamy, tasty, flavoursome and the perfect balance between sweet and salty

There was a hefty amount of sauce that left a wonderful surprise sitting at the bottom of the sundae. The chocolate profiteroles were a lovely break to indulge in when I needed a breather from the heavenly ice cream.Swindon Advertiser:

It took a while as I was already quite full but it meant I truly savoured this masterpiece. Until I went to the Harvester, I didn’t think the word perfect could truly describe anything accurately, as everything can be improved, but that Sundae belongs in the Oxford dictionary next to the word perfect.

My Grandma’s Christmas dinner will forever and always be the best, there is nothing like it but Harvester most definitely came close.

Josh was super friendly, efficient and attentive. Every meal was genuinely superb and all for £21. What a bargain!

If you can't be bothered to cook your Christmas dinner or you're not very good at it, then I would advise you head to the Harvester.