A family which launched a desperate fundraising bid to pay for treatment for a loving mum who was suffering from a rare form of cancer has announced that she has died.

Jessie Virth, 36, from Tadpole Garden Village, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumour in October 2022 and after chemotherapy, radiotherapy and craniotomy brain surgery had failed, her last hope was an expensive but potentially life-saving private immunotherapy treatment. 

The mum of three's loved ones, including sister Abbie Pitts-Drake set up a JustGiving page for the 'selfless and caring' woman, raising over £23,000 of the £50,000 asked for - which was set to go towards the £100,000 treatment. 

But Abbie posted an update to the community that had rallied around her sister on her Facebook page, confirming that Jess - who had grown weaker and weaker - had died on November 30. 

She said: "I think you all know how difficult this year has been for Jess and us as a family. Thursday morning our beautiful girl lost her battle with her illness and passed away surrounded by her family and friends and so much love.

"We are all heartbroken and shocked that she has been taken from us so soon and at such a young age when her life was only just beginning."

Swindon Advertiser: Sisters Abbie and Jessie togetherSisters Abbie and Jessie together (Image: Abbie Pitts-Drake)"We will continue as a family to do all we can to support and cherish her beautiful little family, Alfred, Alba and Billy with Jess in our head and in our hearts always.

"She has taught us so much throughout her life and especially this last year, she was always so grounded and kind, caring and patient and had no idea what presence she had or how lovely it was to be in her company.

"She touched everyone’s heart and dealt with the challenges she faced with such inner strength and dignity. We will miss her every day and love her forever. We will never forget the enormous amount of love and kindness that people have shown."

In an update on the JustGiving page, she added: "The money that we have been raising for treatment we are now as a family going to decide where this will be spent and we shall update the JustGiving page.

"We will never forget the enormous amount of love and kindness that people have shown."

A service for Jessie is behind held at Christ Church on Monday, December 18 at 11.30, followed by a reception at Blunsdon House Hotel.