Just outside of Swindon, you will find one of Wiltshire’s oldest and most ornate pubs.

The White Hart on High Street in Cricklade dates back to the 16th century as a coaching inn which was bought by Arkell's Brewery in the 1970s.

To this day the building retains several original features alongside those which are newer, operating still as both a pub and hotel.

John Flynn from Whitlow in Ireland has been the landlord for 14 years, having spent 35 years running pubs and hotels around the country.

Swindon Advertiser: The pub has a historic and cosy feel inside.The pub has a historic and cosy feel inside. (Image: The White Hart)

The White Hart has a special charm which has kept John there longer than any other previous business.

“This is the longest I have ever stayed in one place because I love the town and the area and my kids grew up here too,” he said.

“Cricklade is a fantastic town with brilliant community spirit and we have an equal split between regulars and tourists.

“It is lovely meeting different people from different walks of life and no two days are the same so it is never tiresome.

“We concentrate on old-fashioned hospitality and looking after our guests as well as possible and we pride ourselves on that and that’s why people like coming back.”

Swindon Advertiser: The pub has a wide variety of dishes available on its menu.The pub has a wide variety of dishes available on its menu. (Image: The White Hart)

Although the pub was converted a few decades ago, it retains its timeless charm and has several historic features throughout.

“Elizabeth I was Queen of England when it first opened its doors and it was used by the coaches coming from Gloucestershire to Swindon, which would stop here in Cricklade,” added John.

“We have old stained glass windows featuring the White Hart and where we have had the chance, we have kept the original features such as the old floors and cornices.

“You have to blend in the old with the new because people like to see old character features blended into the 21st century.”

Swindon Advertiser: There are lots of drinks available behind the bar at The White Hart too.There are lots of drinks available behind the bar at The White Hart too. (Image: The White Hart)

There are 14 rooms on site which are usually full from March to September with the pub’s business then picking up in the winter months.

The White Hart’s menu and drinks roster encompass classics with a modern infusion making sure all customers are satisfied.

“It is a tenanted Arkell’s pub with several of their ales on tap but we also have Coors, San Miguel, Thatchers and more,” said John.

“Our menu is largely pub classics but some have a modern twist such as belly pork with plum sauce and various Irish dishes like cod and mussel chowder.

“Everything is homemade and we try and offer different things.”