Part of Swindon’s history has been depicted in a new underpass painted by a local street artist.

Sarah Harris is becoming well known around the town for her many artworks under the guise of 'Murals By Sarah', including a Remembrance Day mural last month.

Her latest job has arguably been her most ambitious yet given the sheer size of the underpass wall on which she painted.

The new mural in Greenbridge lists a timeline of Stratton, where Sarah lives.

Swindon Advertiser: Sarah says it was one of her most challenging murals.Sarah says it was one of her most challenging murals. (Image: Murals By Sarah)

“It was commissioned by Stratton St Margaret Parish Council and it’s a timeline of Stratton because it still has its own distinct personality,” she said.

“I live nearby, walking through that underpass most days and it’s a lovely big canvas which I wanted to brighten up for me and my neighbours.

“This dated right back to Roman roads with Ermin Street of course being a Roman road long before Swindon existed.

“We went right up to the current day and with the new skatepark opening in Stratton we decided to put skateboarders at the end of the timeline.”

Swindon Advertiser: The new mural documents a timeline of Stratton.The new mural documents a timeline of Stratton. (Image: Murals By Sarah)

The 56-year-old started the mural in August and recently finished it in December having now painted both walls of the underpass.

“It sounds like I’m really slow but I have only been doing it in my spare time, running down and doing an hour before work or during my lunch hour,” said Sarah.

“It also took a lot of hours given how detailed it is so I would say it is one of the harder jobs I have done.

“There are so many separate sections and elements so it felt like 15 separate murals rather than just one.

Swindon Advertiser: The mural was finished in December after months of Sarah's hard work.The mural was finished in December after months of Sarah's hard work. (Image: Murals By Sarah)

“But hearing what kind things people have to say makes all the hard work worth it.”

Sarah enjoyed the process but especially liked being able to learn so much about the place she has lived in for decades.

“It was brilliant because I have lived in Stratton for over 20 years so it has been a long time and I have learned more about where I live from doing this mural than ever before,” she added.

“Learning all the history has been very fun and while I have been working there people have stopped to chat and I have got to know my neighbours better.

“I am just so pleased to create something so close to home in both senses of the phrase as I live here but it’s also close to my heart.”