New Year's Eve is always a good excuse to celebrate.

In previous years, Swindon has seen in the end of December and the beginning of January with plenty of parties around the town's pubs and nightclubs.

Our gallery from the archives includes a couple of snaps featuring revellers at the Goddard Arms enjoying a tipple or two before the arrival of 1996.

Adver photographers were out and about on December 31, 2003 to capture the happy faces of partygoers in the town centre, some of whom dressed up in their finest and funniest outfits.

Car headlights illuminate the night sky in one photograph which shows a queue of vehicle winding their way towards Littlecote for festivities on New Year's Eve in 1992. Sadly, we don't appear to have any images of the party they were all attending.

Sticking to new year's resolutions can often prove to be a bit of a challenge but each year, we all try to come up with something that will change our lives for the better.

In 2004, Christina Brown decided to give up alcohol so that she could lose weight, while Andrew Rickerd gave learning French a try.

What are your fondest memories of celebrations from previous years?