The following cases were heard at Swindon Magistrates Court in the last days of 2023.

MARLBOROUGH: Colin Matley, of Angel Yard, has been jailed for using threatening, abusive, insulting words or behaviour with intent to cause fear of or provoke unlawful violence.

The 40-year-old pleaded guilty to two counts of the offence against two woemn and indicated a plea of guilty to a third charge that was racially aggravated, against another woman, and admitted to causing damage to a police cell twice.

The crimes occurred on January 1, 2023.

He must pay £35 in compensation for the damage caused and serve 20 weeks in jail because all these offences are aggravated by his previous convictions and he displayed "a pattern of repeat offending combined with a failure to engage with probation".

CHIPPENHAM: Carl Lovelock, of Beechwood Road in Chippenham, has been sentenced for assault by beating.

The 42-year-old pleaded guilty to hitting a man on May 14, 2023, and must pay a £69 fine along with £100 in compensation to the victim, £85 in court costs and £28 to fund victim services.

CHIPPENHAM: Ewan Parrott, of Royal Oak Close in Chippenham, has been sentenced for criminal damage.

The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to damaging a police cell to the value of £35 on December 27, 2023.

He must pay £35 in compensation and has been returned to prison for 10 days for an admitted breach of post-sentence supervision.

MELKSHAM: John Kissane, of West North Street in Aberdeen, has been sentenced for harassment without violence.

The 46-year-old pleaded guilty to harassing a woman in Melksham by sending her abusive and insulting text messages and leaving 324 abusive voicemails between December 1, 2022, and January 26, 2023.

He has been fined £146 and must also pay £85 in court costs as well as £46 to fund victim services.

TROWBRIDGE: Jamal Hume, of Hilperton Road, has been sentenced for theft from a shop.

The 32-year-old pleaded guilty to stealing alcohol and food worth £148 from Tesco on October 16, 2023.

He must pay the value back in compensation along with a £40 fine and £85 in court costs.

AMESBURY: Robert Witney, of Odstock Road in Salisbury, has been sentenced for driving while disqualified.

The 49-year-old pleaded guilty to driving a Ford Transit on Byway 12 in Amesbury on May 27, 2018 while banned from holding or obtaining a licence and without having a valid insurance policy.

He has been banned from driving for a further 12 months, fined £120, and ordered to pay £85 in court costs as well as £32 to fund victim services.