Whatever happened to a white Christmas?

December 2023 came and went without a single snowflake falling on Swindon, so we've delved into our archives to dig out some snapshots of the days when the town briefly became a winter wonderland.

People made the most of the frosty weather, donning thick scarves, woolly hats and their warmest coats to venture out to country parks like Lydiard and Coate.

Everyday scenes became picture postcard perfect as temperatures stayed cold enough to prevent the piles of snowflakes from melting away.

There were plenty of opportunities for playtime with friends, family members and pets, as these images show.

While many enjoyed walking around as the soft surface crunched underfoot, motorists may have been less pleased as the windy and icy conditions made travelling by road trickier than usual.

Our gallery covers the early noughties, and future editions will go further back in time to see how our town coped with the cold.

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