A cat has been rescued after being found living in bushes next to a Swindon supermarket.

Members of the public noticed that a tabby had been living at the Swindon Morrisons for about two weeks and after noticing it appeared to have an eye condition, they decided to do something about it. 

It sparked a two-day operation which eventually saw charity CATS Rescue Gloucestershire - Swindon join with residents to safely trap the cat and take it to the vets. 

The charity provided an update on the cat's condition, but is now seeking help finding its owner.

A spokesperson for CATS Rescue Gloucestershire - Swindon said: "This poor little thing has been living in the bushes for a few weeks at Morrison’s in Swindon.

"Puss was safely trapped today and taken to a local vet for scanning and to see if he/she needed medical attention.

"Puss is not chipped and not injured so the volunteer was told to put the cat back where it was found (into the bush)."

Deciding against returning the cat to the bush, the rescue is now hoping to find the owners to return it directly to them. 

"At the moment he/she is in our care but very flighty and scared," the spokesperson added, and also said that they were hoping to find its owner.