A humourous protest from locals over a waterlogged field near Coate roundabout has led to the 'swamp' becoming Swindon's latest attraction. 

The patch of land was where the compound once was for construction work to add a toucan crossing and remove the subway from Queen's Drive but it has been left a "hideous eye sore."

In protest, someone has put a wooden sign which reads 'The Swamp - Beware of Ogres' which also features a rudimentary drawing of an ogre. 

This stunt - clearly an allusion to the beloved children's character Shrek who lives in a swamp - has seen the area of land added to Tripadvisor as an attraction for Swindon

As of Saturday, January 6, it is listed as the 33rd best thing to do in Swindon out of 59 things. 

Swindon Advertiser: South Swindon Swamp on TripadvisorSouth Swindon Swamp on Tripadvisor (Image: Tripadvisor)

It has been well reviewed - although perhaps in the same tongue-in-cheek nature that the original stunt was made in. 

In a five-star review, one person wrote: "As swamps go, this is one of the swampiest. So thoughtful of Swindon Council and its contractors to replace the grass and working subway with this swamp.

It added: "Didn't see any ogres. Maybe next time!"

Another reviewer gave it five-stars, they said: "Such a lovely swamp. I hated how the water used to drain away, thanks to the council we can now have a new swimming pool. This will be a lovely replacement for the Oasis.

"I also hated how I used to be able to freely walk under the road. Waiting at the lights is clearly superior in every way."

A third also five-star review said: "You might think that the site is a perfect spot for a subway, for completely safe passage into Coate Water park for dog walkers, pedestrians, cyclists etc but you would be wrong.

"It is surely much more fun to dodge the traffic all while being able to enjoy the sights of the swamp and the 'pond' on the other side of the road."

Two subways which connected Queens Drive and Marlborough Road to Coate Water were filled in earlier this year.

The Adver previously reported on the public's response to the decision to fill in the subway.

The public consultation for the filling in of these underpasses which took place in February and March 2021 received 165 concerns from the public. It was approved in April 2022.

The work to install the new crossing was completed late last year.