The investigation into the murder of Owen Dunn is continuing despite two teenagers being sentenced for his murder. 

On January 5, Tyler Hunt, 18, and a 15-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons were sentenced to a combined total of over 30 years in jail for the fatal stabbing of Dunn, 18, on December 4, 2022. 

Following the sentencing, the detectives who helped to secure the conviction of the two young men have confirmed that they have not finished looking into the circumstances surrounding the Swindon teen's death. 

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Walker was the Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) for the Owen Dunn case. He welcomed the guilty verdict and sentencing but said there was still work to do. 

"It's important to send a message although it is incredibly sad that we have to do it off the back of such a tragic case.

"I hope that there is some learning from it and that people think twice before picking up a knife. But it's important that people can see there are consequences and if that leads to just one person putting a knife in a surrender bin, it's worth it."

He added: "The investigation is continuing but is now starting to focus more on the 'why'.

"It's right that we still investigate and see if anyone else was responsible and then we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

Detective Sergeant Louise Kuklinski is deputy SIO, and she added: "Sometimes that information and evidence is just not there and there's many reasons for that. In this investigation, we were never able to establish a clear reason as to why Owen was killed. We still don't know why.

"So the investigation is continuing because there are elements of it that we still wish to continue and within a murder case that is not unusual.

"We wanted to concentrate our efforts on the trial and now the trial is done we will go back to ensuring that everything is looked at."

During a sentencing hearing on January 5, Mrs Justice Stacey described Dunn's murder as a 'truly ghastly crime'. 

She sentenced both of the guilty defendants to mandatory life sentences with Hunt of Park South given a minimum 19 years in jail and the 15-year-old given a minimum term of 12 years.