Swindon and Wiltshire locals on their commute home from work could be treated to heavy flurries of snowfall. 

The Met Office has forecast a chance of snow on Monday evening between 5pm and 8pm with temperatures set to fall to freezing.

This comes as the weather organisation has issued a yellow weather warning for ice over Monday and Tuesday.

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The yellow weather warning, which covers most of southern England, lasts from 3pm on Monday until 3am on Tuesday.

Motorists have been warned that ice and small amounts of snow could lead to slippery surfaces in a few places, particularly on untreated roads.

Pavements and cycle paths could also be icy and may lead to slips and falls on icy or snowy surfaces. 

On Sunday night, Swindon Borough Council confirmed that its gritting team was out in force.

The local authority has two weather forecasting stations. One is near Blagrove Roundabout on Great Western Way and one is on Marlborough Road, just outside Chiseldon.

Readings of the current weather conditions are sent from both stations to its specialist weather forecast provider every ten minutes.

These readings help to produce two daily forecasts which show the anticipated air temperature, road surface temperature, wind speed and rain or snowfall.

A spokesperson said: "We plan gritting treatments from this information. If there are any major changes to the forecast at any time of the day, the forecaster calls our appointed decision-maker to let them know. "