A popular coffee shop has closed its doors for the last time.

TT Linnet has served comforting cuppas and cakes to customers for six years and become a key part of Highworth’s High Street.

The former site of a NatWest bank went up for sale for £700,000 in July, along with two separate one-bed apartments in the same four-storey Grade II-listed property.

At the end of 2023, the busy business bid farewell to its loyal regulars on an emotional final day just before the new year arrived.

The coffee shop's owners have decided that the time is right for a new challenge.

Photographer Keith Davidson captured the smiles and sadness of the occasion.

He said: “December 30 marks a very sad day for Highworth.

“From a personal point of view, "Linnets" has been a fantastic, welcoming, social hub and will be sorely missed, particularly at a time when other High Street retail units seem to have closed/be closing.

“We have established many friendships and renewed some forgotten ones over the past six years.

“Lindsay, Kelsey, Marie, Kaleb, Brian and all the other staff, you will be missed, and we wish you all well in your future directions and challenges.

“Good luck and thank you.”

Kelsey Brown replied: "Thank you Keith for such lovely words.

"I've met and made amazing friends and TT Linnet family in you both and others! Feel very proud to call you all my friend."

Loyal customers were full of praise for the coffee shop crew.

Veronica Brennan said: "Lovely coffee, delicious cakes and wonderful staff. You will be missed."

Natalie Horner said: "Thank you for creating such a wonderful place to relax and enjoy time with those we love.

"The service was always wonderful and the coffee was amazing. Good luck to you all."

Barb Busby added: "I have spent many happy times in the cafe enjoying super drinks, food and company. I will miss you all.

"I hope that your next moves are happy and successful."

Danni Moore said: "It’s such sad news to hear - I can honestly say I’m gutted!

"Beautiful coffee, beautiful treats, beautiful welcome and service. The vibe and feel of TT Linnet, as well as the staff, have been amazing throughout. Best of luck to all of you."

Peter McGookin said: "I will miss the excellent coffee, but more importantly, I will miss the people, the sense of community and belonging, the friendship and the laughs. You are irreplaceable and your loss will be deeply felt."