The Range has confirmed it is dealing with a rat problem after a customer vowed never to return to its Swindon store following the sighting.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, saw the vermin chewing on bird seed in the indoor garden section at The Range.

She has now slammed the company and pledged never to return.

Speaking to the Adver, the woman said: “I haven’t been in there since and I don’t plan on going in I just think it's really unsafe.

“I just think it's absolutely disgusting”.

The woman was on her way into Swindon town centre when she stopped into The Range, at around 8.15pm on November 28.

She said she saw two rats chewing on a bag of bird seed, before they scurried away when she approached.

On a previous visit, the woman says she had seen nibble marks and had smelt what she believes was urine.

She says she had made a complaint about this.

A spokesperson for The Range said: “The Range is aware of the customer’s report and we have already engaged the pest control provider who has this matter in hand.

"Customer safety is our key priority and we can confirm that the problem is coming from adjacent land and that measures are in place to protect the store.

"Nationwide, rodent’s natural habitats have been impacted by the high number of storms and torrential rain which is a likely cause for them to seek dry and warm spaces in residential and commercial areas."