A pub which was built on a famous battleground in Wiltshire now brews its own beer.

The Three Daggers in the village of Edington, just outside of Westbury, is an 18th century watering hole.

After serving under several names such as The Paulet Arms and even The Lamb during the Second World War, locals affectionately know it as the Daggers these days.

Swindon Advertiser: The bar inside The Three Daggers.The bar inside The Three Daggers. (Image: The Three Daggers)

Despite renovations in the past few decades, the pub has regained most of its original charm and authenticity.

“It is built on the site of the Battle of Edington between Alfred the Great and the Vikings with the Westbury White Horse also nearby,” said the pub’s manager.

“It has been fully restored with all of the original oak beams visible so it has a lot of original features.

Swindon Advertiser: The Three Daggers' beer stocks and produce.The Three Daggers' beer stocks and produce. (Image: The Three Daggers)

“I think a lot of effort has been put into the restoration but in a modern way so the look and feel remains but the mirrors above the fireplaces are televisions.

“Modernity is present there and it is a great mix between the old and the new because of the beautiful restoration.”

As part of the renovations, both a brewery and farm were installed 11 years ago to help locally produce the pub’s beer and food.

“We brew all of our own beer in the building next door and these include six different ales, bitter and stout which are all served in the pub,” continued the manager.

Swindon Advertiser: Inside the on-site brewery.Inside the on-site brewery. (Image: The Three Daggers)

“If people would like to buy them in cans or bottles they can purchase them next door in the shop.

“You can see where all the beer is made when you’re here due to all of the glass around the brewery.

“The ingredients come for Salisbury Plain and Warminster so it is very local which is one of our main features.”

“We make our deli food here too and a lot of the vegetables that are sold in the farm shop or cooked in the pub come from our own Priory Farm in Edington.”

Swindon Advertiser: The farm shop at the pub.The farm shop at the pub. (Image: The Three Daggers)

The pub is popular with residents and tourists alike with its charm bringing in visitors from all around the world.

“It is predominantly frequented by locals with many of them being farmers who supply our meat,” added the manager.

“We have three rooms in the pub with three cottages in the village too so we get a nice mix of people who come on holiday from anywhere such as America.

“The feeling of authenticity is an attractive prospect for those who are visiting and want the classic experience.”