Gritters are getting ready to brave the icy temperatures in a bid to try and keep Swindon’s roads safe.

Of the 550 miles of roads in Swindon, approximately 210 have been identified as ‘major routes’ and are set to be gritted this afternoon.

According to Swindon Borough Council, dedicated gritters will be out from 2pm on Wednesday, January 10, to distribute salt using specialist lorries.

Roads that will be included in the route include all major A and B roads, access roads to most villages, main roads to hospitals, frequently serviced bus routes, and access roads to vaccine centres.

The M4 and A419 are managed by National Highways and therefore it is not the responsibility of the council to grit these roads.

Our gritting team will be out again from 2pm to keep you safe on the roads. Go carefully! 🧂🚚

Here’s more about the routes:

“Areas that do not come under gritting routes are unlikely to receive treatment in freezing conditions,” said a spokesperson for Swindon Borough Council.

“However, you may use grit bins to treat local roads and pavements.”

Grit bins are provided at over 500 locations around Swindon and contain salt that residents can access to make their pavements safer.

You can check where your nearest grit bin is by checking the online map on the Swindon Borough Council website.

According to the BBC weather forecast, temperatures are set to drop to zero degrees overnight, whilst it will feel as cold as -4.