Photos taken at Great Western Hospital show a car which has parked across two disabled parking bays.

The photo was taken at around 10am on Wednesday (January 10) and shows the Blue Ford slotted between two other vehicles which have parked between the lines of the large disabled parking spaces.

The disability parking spaces are larger to allow for those with limited mobility to be able to easily get in and out of their vehicles should they need assistance in the form of, for example, wheelchairs, crutches and zimmer frames.

The parking was witnessed by a disabled woman who was leaving the hospital and was shocked by the sight.

Speaking to the Adver, she said: "She was parked so close to the other cars that if somebody needed to get out using crutches, they wouldn't be able to."

“I couldn’t believe it, I said at the time, surely she is going to turn around but she stopped the car and got out.

“Age young or old does not give you an excuse to park like that.

“If I had been looking for a space and she had parked like that, I would have been really annoyed, we were just bemused by it, we couldn’t believe it, it was bizarre."