The owner of a popular Swindon cake shop has announced plans to carry out a major renovation.

Jessie Yeoell will oversee a big revamp of the Old Town business that she hopes will help achieve her dream of making 1,000 cupcakes a day.

The entire interior of the High Street sweet treats seller will be knocked down and rebuilt to create enough space for everything the shop sells to be baked, topped, and decorated, with a surface for every mixer to be slotted into, as well as a wall of ovens, and plenty of shelves for all the ingredients.

The original kitchen has served the staff well over the years but adaptations need to be made so that there are specific places to prepare tiffins, cookie pies, and brownies.

The work begins next Sunday and aims to be finished by early February.

The shop will remain open and special procedures will be enforced to ensure safe food preparation is possible while the renovation is underway.

Jessie said: "This is so exciting and so emotional for me.

"I had the kitchen built when I was only 23 years old, designed by Howdens to be exactly what I needed it to be.

"Each part of cake making had its place and it has worked to get the business where it is over the past 11 years.

"I have spent a long time working out how to get more space to bake.

"I have toyed with going down in the cellar, getting a separate unit, and chopping and changing my current set up in the shop, but nothing seemed cost-effective enough and felt right, so I had to think harder and smarter."

Jessie met with several builders to see how achievable and affordable her ideas were.

One company, I AM Construction, particularly impressed her with their enthusiasm for building a bespoke kitchen that ticked everything on the wishlist for a price that was less than her expected budget.

She added: "I started drawing exactly what we needed, from what I thought would only be possible in my craziest wildest dreams. I can't even begin to contain my excitement.

"Thank you for following me on this journey. Thank you for every single cupcake you buy from us, and thank you for supporting my business and making a crazy blonde’s dreams come true!

"I can't wait to see the plans come to life. I AM Construction, let's do this!"