A mum of three from Swindon has reflected on the success of her business as its first anniversary approaches. 

Shanice Tucker, 26, an accomplished tattoo artist, opened S-Line Studios in Godwin Court, Old Town in February 2023 after 'having a dream' about a shared space where people could get a variety of different services all under one roof. 

"One day I was driving to work and I suddenly had this dream where I would like a tattoo shop with everything else going on as well," she said. 

As well as hosting three tattoo artists, the venue also contains a barber, a body piercer, a semi-permanent makeup artist and occasional beauticians as well as other guest spots.

"I wanted it to be a welcoming space for people where they could have all these different services at their feet. It was important to create an environment that isn't scary as a lot of tattoo studios can be scary and intimidating.

"We get so complimented on the vibe in here, with people saying it was such a comfortable and kind experience.

"It is really important to me that people are comfortable enough to say exactly what they want and that they leave with the exact vision they come in with."

Although Shanice is a keen businesswoman and wants S-Line Studios to be as successful as possible, she was stressed that her children were "more important than anything".

She discussed the challenges of running a business whilst also being a mother. 

"I do look at other businesses sometimes where the owners can put all of their time and effort into them, but I think that actually,  parents strive hard, they don't have that freedom with their time, so they use the time they do have wisely."

Shanice's achievements are even more impressive after she revealed that she was severely anxious before becoming a tattoo artist. 

"Being a tattoo artist has transformed me. I suffered from severe anxiety, I didn't like talking to or interacting with people, and I couldn't look them in the eye, but this has brought me out of that.

"Now I have formed really strong relationships with many of my customers over several years and I manage a team of people who I consider to be like a family."

"Never did I dream I'd have this business with the services and the people that I have in this location, I couldn’t think of anywhere better."