Scientists have revealed a 'perfect formula' for how long you should dunk biscuits in a cuppa - but do you agree?

Rich Tea, Hobnobs and Digestives should be submerged for less than one second, according to researchers.

Dr Helen Pilcher, who has a PhD in stem cell biology, recently conducted an experiment to discover the optimal time to submerge biscuits in hot drinks.

As part of her research, she also analysed at what point the biscuits reach the ‘dunking danger zone’.

She found the average biscuit should absorb 20% of its original weight in liquid for the optimal dunk experience.

Milk Chocolate Digestives and Hobnobs can be dunked for just over three seconds to reach this point while Penguin bars should remain in the hot drink for a whopping six and a half seconds.

However, it takes a mere five and seven seconds respectively for Fruit Shortcakes and Ginger Nuts to reach the danger zone - which is when they are at risk of breaking.

Appointed by McVitie’s as their ‘chief dunking officer’ (CDO, Dr Pincher found a Chocolate Caramel Digestive can withstand 40 seconds of plunging time before fully crumbling.

Each of the biscuits involved in the study were dunked vertically, to its mid-point, in a mug of freshly prepared tea - with milk, no sugar - and maintained at a temperature of 60 to 65oC.

Taking on the role of CDO, Dr Pilcher is aiming to make biscuit and beverage-related woes a thing of the past by taking the guesswork out of the dunk.

The study follows a poll commissioned by the biscuit maker which revealed 83 snacks per dunker are lost on average every year to depths of a mug due to poor dunking techniques.

As a result, 43% have even become anxious about losing their sweet treats when dipping.

29% of participants even confessed that they needed to perfect their dunking technique.

Dr Helen Pilcher said: “The natural porosity of a biscuit makes it an ideal snack to be dipped into a drink and soak up all the deliciousness.

“However, Brits are still susceptible to over-dunking their biscuits - which is why we have identified the Optimum Dunking Time and the Dunking Danger Zone.

“Each biscuit is unique in texture, structure, flavour and size, and all these factors affect its dunkability.

“Respect the Dunking Danger Zone, and we can save the nation from future dunking disasters.”

What is the UK's favourite drinking biscuit?

The poll of 2,000 biscuit dunkers reported that Digestives is the favourite treat to submerge.

They were closely followed by the Chocolate Digestive and Rich Tea.

Tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are the most popular beverages to dunk in - though some also dunk in cold or warm milk, milkshakes and even orange juice.

Over half (53%) of those polled, via OnePoll, say they dunk their biscuits because they like the flavour, and 50% like the change in texture.

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Generation X dunk the most biscuits, with one third saying they dunk ‘often’, closely followed by Millennials (29%) and Baby Boomers (29%).

James King, from McVitie’s UK & Ireland, said: “We were shocked following the results of our survey to discover just how many biscuits are being lost to dodgy dunking each week.

“As the baker of the nation’s true original biscuits, we feel we have a duty to help, which is why we’ve appointed a chief dunking officer to save the Great British public from dunking debacles and achieve the perfect dunk, every time.”