WH Smith has called Swindon home for decades.

After the retail chain recently revamped its logo, we delved into the Adver archives to dig out nostalgic photos of its Greenbridge HQ and town centre store.

Piles of books fill the warehouse in one black and white image from 1975, while in another undated photograph, staff under several bright lights work on rows of assembly lines that stretch back far into the distance.

A similar scene can be seen in a snap from 1980, where enormous amounts of stock is sorted and sent off to shops around the country.

Photographs from the mid-90s show the full extent of the towering headquarters, with a retro logo adorning the building and signage, and lights shine through the windows as night shift staff get to work.

The pre-Christmas preparations are always a particularly busy time of year for the company, as seen in a December 1991 photo of staff filling skips full of the latest bestsellers for customers to purchase and give to others as presents.

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