Attempts to save Boots’ Old Town pharmacy appear to have failed.

News of the chain’s plan to close Wood Street’s branch of the business prompted a public outcry back in October.

Concerned citizens and political figures launched petitions and arranged calls with managing director Sebastian James in a bid to keep the store open.

More than 750 people signed a petition by Heidi Alexander, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for South Swindon, which she sent to Mr James just before Christmas.

A letter attached said: "Boots Pharmacy in Old Town is well used by residents and many rely on it to get their regular medicines and prescriptions. This is particularly true of older people and their families.

"With the recent closure of Rowlands Pharmacy in the Old Town Co-op Store, this is the only remaining pharmacy in the heart of Old Town.

"Boots have announced plans to close several stores across the UK so let's send a message that we don’t think the Swindon Old Town store should be one of those."

Another petition by Luke Campbell received 589 signatures.

South Swindon MP Sir Robert Buckland requested to speak with Mr James and raised concerns with NHS England, as well as NHS South, Central and West.

But as February 9 - the final day of trading - approaches, hope of a last-minute reprieve for the longstanding pharmacy is fading and back-up plans are being investigated.

Mr Buckland told the Adver: “The response from Mr James has been that Boots still intends to continue with the closure of the Old Town branch.

“This is extremely disappointing, especially as I have urged them to reconsider this decision on behalf of the many local residents who have contacted me.

“I have been working hard to try to try to get another provider to the same site, and now I am actively pursuing other options for a pharmacy in Old Town.

“My work continues.”

It is set to be one of the 300 sites that Boots is closing between June 2023 and June 2024.

The Boots in the Brunel Shopping Centre's plaza will be the only one in the central Swindon area left open.

Though the two branches seem close together on a map, the steep hill between them would make return journeys difficult for elderly and disabled customers or patients from Old Town.

The Adver has approached Boots for comment.