A Swindon primary school has been handed a new Ofsted rating following a recent inspection.

Liden Academy on Liden Drive has been rated 'Good' following the visit from Ofsted on Tuesday, November 14 and Wednesday, November 15.

The school currently has 350 pupils ranging from the ages of two to 11 years old and has been part of the Excalibur Academy Trust since 2021.

In the report, Ofsted said: “Pupils at Liden Academy are welcoming and friendly.

“The ethos of the school is based around core values, such as ‘determination’ and ‘perseverance’.

“The school environment is calm and settled as pupils are safe and bullying is rare.

Swindon Advertiser: Liden Academy was visited by Ofsted inspectors.Liden Academy was visited by Ofsted inspectors. (Image: Liden Academy)

“There are positive relationships between staff and pupils as they have confidence in the way that staff manage behaviour.”

The Swindon school was also praised for how well staff educate those at a younger age giving them a foundation to build on as they move up through the school.

“Children in the early years foundation stage make a strong start,” added the report.

“There is a focus on developing children’s language and communication skills.

“The school provides a range of opportunities for pupils to develop their interests and talents.”

Liden Academy was instructed to improve in some areas, with the planning of the school’s curriculum causing some issues.

“In some subjects, the way in which the curriculum is planned does not support pupils to draw upon their previous learning,” continued the report.

“Therefore, pupils do not develop their skills and knowledge securely.

“The school needs to ensure that the curriculum is designed in a way that supports pupils to build their subject knowledge over time.”

Swindon Advertiser: The drive leading up to the Swindon primary school.The drive leading up to the Swindon primary school. (Image: Dave Cox)

Inspectors also noted that the way in which staff test pupils sometimes leaves pupils’ knowledge with blind spots.

“The use of assessment is not fully developed in some subjects and, as a result, gaps in pupils’ understanding of the curriculum are not identified,” added the report.

“The school needs to ensure that assessment is used to check carefully what pupils have learned so that it can inform subsequent teaching.”

Liden Academy was praised though overall in the report which commended headteacher Jeff Mason and his team for their work at the school.

“The school has a strong strategy to educate pupils about their mental well-being," read the report.

"For example, pupils appreciate opportunities to reflect and listen to music and, when necessary, the school works with external agencies to support pupils."