A singer-songwriter from Swindon who is related to Dusty Springfield has filmed her latest music video in the town.

Alice Offley grew up in the town and developed a keen interest in music, learning the piano and performing gigs.

She moved to London around ten years ago to pursue a music career and now has released ten singles.

Her latest music video for her song 'Do It My Way’ was filmed on Carfax Street, incorporating the colourful murals which aim to represent Swindon’s past.

Swindon Advertiser: Alice during a piano lesson at Surrey Road, taught by Mrs Grieves.Alice during a piano lesson at Surrey Road, taught by Mrs Grieves. (Image: Alice Offley)

“The murals add to the town’s landscape and I was proud to see it in Swindon,” said Alice.

“Swindon is where I grew up and it is where I became an adult so I was very inspired by those who were creative and came from here.

“I wanted to represent that with my latest video and I will always say good things about Swindon as it is my home and I am so grateful.”

Alice grew up in Swindon, attending St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, St Joseph’s Catholic College, Swindon College and New College.

Swindon Advertiser: Alice grew up in a musical family and is following in their footsteps.Alice grew up in a musical family and is following in their footsteps. (Image: Alice Offley)

Her life in the town was influenced by music and her surroundings allowed her to hone her talent.

“When I was a kid I began my love for music as both my parents met in a band and I grew up with a piano in the house and my dad’s bass guitar,” she said.

“I studied classical piano while I was in Swindon but I was extremely shy and hated being on the stage but it was my outlet.

“I didn’t like the limelight at the time but I have since got used to it because I love music so much and performing now.”

“I used to work at Duck, Son & Pinker’s music shop in Swindon but I started getting so many gigs that I needed to free up my time.”

Swindon Advertiser: Alice is related to legendary singer Dusty Springfield.Alice is related to legendary singer Dusty Springfield.

The musical theme goes even further throughout her family tree with her mother’s second cousin being Dusty Springfield.

“Dusty was a fantastic artist with a wonderful voice and I listen to her records as I love soul and funk so it is really lovely to have a connection to her and I am very proud of my roots,” said Alice.

“My mum is a singer and my mum’s mum was a singer too in Ireland just like Dusty.

“It was strange for women to be going on tour back then like that as it didn’t really happen so I was proud of my gran.”

Swindon Advertiser: Alice performs live and has recorded ten singles so far.Alice performs live and has recorded ten singles so far. (Image: Alice Offley)

Alice has followed in the musical footsteps of fellow Swindonians XTC and has even worked with some of the band’s members in her career.

“XTC have always been such an inspiration and I even worked with Andy Partridge in 2018,” she revealed.

“I was working with Stuart Rowe and he often works with Andy so we got him in on it and he came to our session.

“He gave his input on the chorus and it was great to have some fresh ears and he was a lovely person.

“I also did vocals for Colin Moulding and I went out to his studio and he liked my voice.”

Swindon Advertiser: Alice during a recent gig at Abbey Road Studios in London.Alice during a recent gig at Abbey Road Studios in London. (Image: Alice Offley)

The singer has even found a surprise audience in the United States after an unlikely source shared her music.

“My song ‘What Would Madonna Do’ has made it big over in North Carolina and Baltimore because a drag act called Madonna Girl Dale has been playing my music there,” said Alice.

“So it would be great to go play over there again as I was in Detroit last year.

“I am planning to do a tour in the summer and will also come to Swindon to play as I haven’t for some time.”