Any enforcement action taken against housebuilding giant Taylor Wimpey would need “a very strong case” leader of Swindon Borough Council, Councillor Jim Robbins said.

He told councillors that planning officers were looking at whether Taylor Wimpey is breaking its planning permission by starting on the latest tranche of homes at the Abbey Stadium site when the new stadium is not ready.

The council has previously said the stadium must be built before the new houses go up, although Taylor Wimpey says they are acting within the consent given.

“We have an enforcement investigation going on right now, looking at the houses being built at Abbey Stadium," Cllr Robbins said during a debate on ringfencing an increase in planning fees, and using any extra money to beef up the council’s planning and enforcement team.

“It needs careful looking at, it’s a complex situation, with five planning permissions for the site.

“We need to make sure we know which permission Taylor Wimpey think they’re working to, and which we think they should be working to.

“Developers have deeper pockets and more expensive lawyers than cash-strapped councils, so we really need a strong case to defend if we do find enforcement action is necessary.”

Taylor Wimpey has been contacted for its comment.