People are being advised to be cautious as the Met Office issues an amber weather warning while Storm Isha batters the county.

The storm is set to hit Swindon and the county today (Sunday, January 21) bringing winds of more than 50mph and heavy rain to the town.

The Met Office has issued both an amber and a yellow weather warning for wind for Swindon and Wiltshire.

The amber warning has been issued from 6pm today until 6am tomorrow (Monday, January 22).

The Met Office has warned that power cuts, damage to buildings and longer journey times on all forms of transport are likely.

A separate yellow warning has been issued for a 24 hour period from today at noon and is set to last until the same time tomorrow.

Residents can expect the speed of wind to increase gradually until around midnight.

Speeds of winds are said to start at around 37mph at noon and are expected to reach a high of 58mph at 9pm according to the Met Office.

Relatively heavy rain is expected to start at 4pm and has a 90 per cent chance of precipitation throughout the evening.

Temperatures have however risen compared to previous days this week with the average standing at around 11 degrees throughout the day and overnight.

The bad weather does not stop on Monday as rain is expected into the week.

Winds are also expected to increase again reaching a high of 49mph in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Great Western Railway (GWR) has warned passengers of delays to trains as a result of the extreme whether conditions which are expected to hit most parts of the country.