People are being advised to be cautious as a Met Office warning for wind will hit the South during Storm Jocelyn.

The storm is set to hit Swindon and the county today (Tuesday, January 23) and last for almost 24 hours, bringing winds of over 25mph and heavy rain.

This comes just days after Storm Isha battered the county.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for wind for all of Gloucester and Cirencester, which narrowly avoids Wiltshire.

However, the county sits on the cusp of the weather warning and so could still see some of the effects of the damaging winds.

The warning has been issued from midday on Tuesday until 3pm on Wednesday.

The Met Office has warned that delays to buses and trains are expected and driving on exposed routes and bridges could be difficult.

“The spell of strong winds associated with Storm Jocelyn is expected to lead to some localised disruption,” said a spokesperson for the Met Office.

Wiltshire residents can expect the speed of wind to increase gradually throughout Tuesday, reaching top speeds of 26mph at around 1am on Wednesday before gradually easing back down to 14mph.

Rain is expected to start on Tuesday morning and the downpour will remain constant throughout the day with a 90 per cent chance of precipitation.

Temperatures have however risen compared to previous days this week, averaging at around 11 degrees throughout the day and overnight.

Although the worst of Storm Jocelyn will be over by Wednesday afternoon, most of Wiltshire isn’t expected to see sunshine again until the end of the week.

Here's the weather breakdown for Swindon:

Tuesday 10am - Temperatures of 9 degrees, with a 90 per cent chance of rain and 17mph winds.

Tuesday 2pm - Temperatures of 11 degrees with continued rain and 20mph winds.

Tuesday 5pm - Winds will increase slightly to 21 mph with continued rain.

Tuesday 9pm - Wind will pick up significantly to 25mph, with a 90 per cent chance of rain.

Wednesday 1am - The rain will start to ease off in the early hours of Wednesday, but the wind will remain strong at 25mph.

Wednesday 7am - Winds will drop to 17mph and rainclouds will clear.

Wednesday midday - Temperatures of nine degrees and wind speeds will drop back down to 15mph. Wednesday is set to be a grey and cloudy day.