A part of the new Abbey Stadium in Swindon was destroyed by the strong winds of Storm Isha.

Swindon was buffeted by the winds of the storm on Sunday night, and on Monday it was discovered that an arched section of the new greyhound racing stadium had collapsed. 

Pictures show that the structure, which appears to be in place as either the planned speedway pits or greyhound kennels according to the planning layout for the new facility, was made out of shipping containers, some arched scaffolding and a canvas roof. 

The structure is one of two similar ones put up at the site with the right-hand side one being the one that has been damaged, while the left-hand side one, closest to the new stadium building and stand, remains intact.

Gaming International has been working to build the new Abbey Stadium to fulfil planning requirements that prevent houses from being built and sold at the site. 

However, Taylor Wimpey, who entered an agreement with Gaming International to build homes on its land, has started with construction stating that all conditions have been met. 

Swindon Borough Council is investigating this matter. 

Gaming International has been approached for comment.