A crash which took place on the A361 near Devizes between a lorry and a Range Rover was caused 'deliberately', a coroner has ruled.

Terence Burgess, 82, was killed on July 16, 2022, after his red car smashed head-on into a Carlsberg lorry on the A361 between Beckhampton and Devizes.

At the inquest on January 25, 2024, coroner Ian Singleton concluded that "Terence deliberately drove head-on into the lorry," although it remains unclear whether this was suicide or the result of a medical episode.

Mark Furlow, who was a passenger in the heavy goods vehicle the day of the crash, said: "I saw the car directly in front heading towards us.

"I recall seeing a white male and he had both hands on the steering wheel looking directly ahead, smiling.

"He made no attempt to avoid the impact."

Lorry driver Andrew Ledbury added: "The road was so quiet. For no reason I could see, the red vehicle cruised over onto my side of the road.

"The manoeuvre was sudden and fast and appeared to be on purpose. The car didn't drift over, it was an aggressive move."

PC Michelle Jones, a forensic collision investigator, revealed that Mr Burgess was travelling at 85mph on a 60mph speed limit road moments before the crash took place.

"The heavy goods vehicle would have been visible to Mr Burgess for quite some time due to the clear day and the straight road," she added.Swindon Advertiser: Terry Burgess was a beloved father, grandfather and husband.Terry Burgess was a beloved father, grandfather and husband. (Image: Wiltshire Police)

However, the inquest was unable to determine if the crash which took Terence's life was suicide, as the 82-year-old also suffered from ongoing medical issues and confusion after contracting Covid-19 in April 2022.

"He appeared a little disorientated and didn't have his usual sparkle after that. He never really returned to his usual self," said Bridget Burgess, Terry's wife of 52 years.

After multiple hospital and doctor visits, Terry was diagnosed with low sodium levels and was given medication, the court heard.

"At no point was Terry officially told he couldn't drive a car but it was a family decision that he wouldn't," added his wife.

Terry, who took great pride in his car and kept it in pristine condition, had not driven for months until the day of his death.

"He told me he wanted to check the car over and wasn't happy it hadn't been driven in a while," added Bridget.

"I ran after him to see what was going on. Terry kept on driving and that was the last time I saw him."

Terry ran his own hand-crafted sign business and has been remembered by his family for his passion for technology and love of his car.

Tributes were paid to the father, husband and grandfather by his family after his death, saying he would be "dearly missed by all who knew him".