Work is progressing to renovate a popular Old Town shop - with the owner unveiling an exciting new addition.

GlamoRose Cakes on High Street briefly closed on Monday so that the walls inside could be knocked down as part of the big refurb.

As of Wednesday, the walls, counters, cupboards, and almost everything else in the bakery has been ripped out and is now waiting to be built back into the expanded kitchen which will have a new layout.

The store will be open again on Friday and Saturday and should continue trading until the renovation is complete in early February.

Owner Jessie Yeoell said: “My number one priority is making sure we can open and be food safe.

“I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed with everyone’s kind words, it’s so exciting.

“We’ve had some very in-depth conversations about our mixers and where they will fit.

“We will share more as we progress.”

The sweet treats seller will soon have enough space for everything the shop sells to be baked, topped, and decorated, with a surface for every mixer to be slotted into, as well as a wall of ovens, and plenty of shelves for all the ingredients.

Swindon Advertiser: Progress on the renovation of GlamoRose CakesProgress on the renovation of GlamoRose Cakes (Image: GlamoRose Cakes)

Adaptations are being made so that there are specific places to prepare tiffins, cookie pies, and brownies.

Along with preparing the new look, which comes after the shop celebrated its 10th anniversary, the GlamoRose team has purchased an ice cream van from Tudor Catering Trailers which is due to arrive next week.

The mobile vendor will sell cake, coffee, and ice cream including Whippy, vegan Whippy, and Rays Ice Cream scoops.

Swindon Advertiser: Design for GlamoRose's new ice cream vanDesign for GlamoRose's new ice cream van (Image: GlamoRose Cakes)

Jessie added: “It is absolutely crazy and we are beside ourselves with excitement.

“I am designing the van myself with a company in Bristol and am having it built bespoke to my business.

“With that and the shop being renovated, my brain has been in over-drive, there is so much going on.

“We will have the option to drive round like an ice cream van does in the evenings, and sell out of the hatch with a menu for people to choose from rather than having to set up the displays at each location.

“I can’t wait to see where this takes us - and if anyone has any events you would like to book in with us for the summer then let me know, we now have two van calendars to fill.”